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10 Ways to Build a Business Culture Like Apple

Sebagai Note aja, One of the big advantages of being an entrepreneur and starting your company from scratch is that you get to set the culture, which is much easier than changing the culture of an existing business. The challenge … Continue reading

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Latihan ala “Kopassus”

Karena perut sudah terlalu buncit ada baiknya mulai berolahraga agar “My Fat Belly” kelihatan kurus. Ada beberapa metode mengecilkan perut di internet dari yang Extreme sampai dengan Soft.  Salah satunya dengan metode  High Intensity Interval Training  selain itu untuk memantapkan … Continue reading

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Tempat donwload free Ebook

Biar ingat aja kalau lagi mau cari buku – buku free 🙂

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10 Ways Real Entrepreneurs Are Different From Wannabe Entrepreneurs

Sebagai pengingat saja, Nowadays people do not aspire to work for a big company and climb the corporate ladder. They would rather reach for success by having their own business. But there’s a huge difference between real entrepreneurs and wannabe … Continue reading

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