The most boring activities I think was waiting, waiting for a  bus, waiting for person wait to take off and  waiting  for the other.

This time I am waiting for someone, I wait from 4.00 pm until this time, they still not appear. We plan to dinner in Johnny cow Steak and watch Boruto in Blitz. Are you familiar with Boruto ??

All people maybe know naruto at least they ever heard it, Naruto now was mature and have two children one girl and one boy. A boy named as Boruto and A girl named as Himawari. The mother of two children is Hinata…

You must be not to shocked, Hinata loves Naruto from they were child, I have heard someone says love was eternally maybe in Anime love still love. They married, Naruto is Hokage and they have children are their life was done ?? Happy ever Not yet.

This movie tell us in every family have a conflict moreover if his or her parent is busy, Hokage is the busy person in Konoha. We remember when Naruto was a child, he was so lonely because he don’t have anyone. Now Boruto was so lonely too, not because lonely but his parent so busy and forget to play or to give a warm kiss to Boruto.

He feels lonely in the middle of Konoha crowd, So he make Naruto focus in him with make trouble in Konoha. He make new Akatsuki and make him as a leader. Their plan is to destroy Konoha from land, sea and air. Boruto has 3 special forces to succeed  of plan. The special forces is KOPASSUS, Den Bravo, and Pasikbraka. Kopassus has powers to infiltrate enemy military power with byakugan, sharingan and hipnotis..while Den Brav0 has edo tensei power inheritable from Kapten Kid who has BlackSiber Sword. And what Pasikbraka do this time, Oh Paskibraka do was to flagsip the flag and to watch the battle of Konoha.

And the battle was begin, KOPASSUS enter the Konoha gate after kill fifty thousand Anbu with Anoa Tank..Maybe this time Anoa still useful although Anoa made Indonesia :))

to be continued…..


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