Welcome to 2016 guys;

I  congratulate to all my friends and colleagues Happy New Year 2016. I hope this year will provide a new experience, new opportunity and new resolution for you.

In this year, I still confused as to what the resolution will I do because My resolution 2015 is  not line with expectations.

I have read Mark Resolution; seems admirable build such like Jarvis; When I was college, I ever thought to build my own Jarvis. I am using C# and microphone to  detect my sound and perform the command like I told him.

But  it is not truly AI because I need to apply the command to a text file. Where I use a text file as a dictionary. So is not AI like Jarvis, if Mark builds an AI that actually it; it was awesome.

And for my resolution in 2016 still has not found. Perhaps I need to ponder while.




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Another Shinobi from Pahae........
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